If Measure G passed, SDSU expects to need $550 million to build a new stadium and begin preparing the land.

SDSU’s endowment is $289 million.

So where is the rest coming from?


JD Wicker

SDSU Athletic Director

“We just haven’t finished putting all of those numbers together”

Voice of San Diego, 10/8/18

John kratzer

SDSU Consultant

“[I]f I’m right – if I’m right – the likelihood that the student fees... comes into play is pretty low.”

Voice of San Diego, 10/8/18

Adela De La Torre

SDSU President

“We‘d also have to make sure that we got enough money from the state’s general fund, tuition, and the support of the faculty.”

Union Tribune, 8/8/18

Adam Day

CSU Trustee

“We have basically two main funding sources, state general fund tax dollars and tuition.”

Union Tribune, 9/6/18

Jack McGrory

CSU Trustee

“Usually it’s funded by either CSU bonding capacity, on-campus revenues from either tuition or state appropriations, and private grants.”

Voice of San Diego Politifest, 10/6/18